If your insurance company gave you a check for storm damage and roof repairs due to wind

and hail, you’re probably not afraid that it’s too much money, right?! Of course not.

With or without an insurance claim, the majority of re-roofs require property owners to pay

hundreds if not thousands of dollars out of pocket. Surprisingly, most policy holders do not

fully understand their adjuster reports, contractor bids or sketches provided to support the

damage claim and prices for repairs.

Regardless of whether your roof repair or re-roof is an insurance claim, a guideline for

finding the best price and top-quality Indianapolis, Oklahoma City or Tulsa roofer for your

project is essential. Following are five (5) easy steps to gathering repair quotes, roof
estimates and understanding adjuster reports:

1. Get a comprehensive roof inspection and review of other property damage by a

professional. An accurate inspection will save money and time in every phase of your

repair or restoration process. Although your assigned insurance adjuster likely will have the

training to provide this, enlist the services of a qualified roofer contractor to perform these

services on your behalf.

Because the adjuster is paid by your insurance company, she must follow their guidelines.

While adjusters are typically honest and well-trained, their interpretation of a claim varies

widely and can make or brake your settlement before it begins. The first rule of roof repair

insurance claims, from the homeowner’s perspective, is that “it’s all about the adjuster.” Be

sure your adjuster is working for you.

Experienced, expert roofing professionals will have years of training in installing roofs, the

inspection process, identifying wind and hail damage, reading insurance documents and

administering claims without raising your rates.

Top-quality roofing contractors offer adjuster services to customers at no cost. This service

should include pictures, a detailed damage report and use of insurance software for current

market pricing.

2. Read your policy and understand the terms . Higher deductibles equal more out of

pocket costs when you file a claim. Experienced contractors can read, comprehend and

explain your policy and claim as it relates to your re-roof and other property restoration. Most

of all, she’ll know how to eliminate or minimize your costs and maximize quality products and


Do not purchase an Actual Cash Value or “ACV” policy for your property. Be sure your policy

allows for Replacement Cost Value or “RCV” coverage. Although the price of replacing

your roof goes up annually, an ACV policy claim will not allow payment for the increase and

usually costs thousands of dollars out of pocket in the event of a claim.

3. Don’t always select the contractor that gives the lowest price but the best value .

The lowest price bidder usually offers the least value. Still, a little homework can save


Quality roofers do not concern themselves with offering the lowest price. Instead, they give

you best value and minimize your out-of-pocket expense. First of all, this is accomplished

by supplementing your insurance claim to increase your settlement. Secondly, they’ll offer

company discounts to augment out of pocket expenses.

In summary, minimizing your out-of-pocket expense and maximizing quality of product and

services should overcome your temptation to go with the cheapest bid.

4. Your satisfaction is priceless. Identify your best price and value by top-quality products

and installation process. If you want to gauge how likely you’ll be to be totally satisfied with a

roofing companies performance, ask their previous customers for a reference. In short, best

roofing practices will always produce a trail of happy customers, best value and best price.

5. A Good warranty adds a lot of value. While comparing re-roof prices, remember the

value added by a good warranty. After investing thousands of your dollars to restore your

roof, a full-coverage warranty is a critical component.

All contractors give a typical labor warranty of 1-3 years. Still, your best roofing companies,

can offer more comprehensive coverage and support them longer.

First-rate roofers give you a 5-10yr. warranty and upgrade options to lifetime. Manufacturer

warranties may also be extended lifetime.

Whether the roof is flat, composition, tile, metal, commercial or residential, these 5 steps will

help you find the best value for your roof repair dollar and identify your roofing expert.

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