1. A metal roof may be stronger than asphalt or composition shingles, but not

necessarily impervious to wind and hail damage. Although their tensile strength

far exceeds shingle roofing, most residential metal roofing materials are made to

be affordable and lightweight. These are the same characteristics that make them

susceptible to wind and hail damage.

2. Corrugated, panels and stone-coated steel are examples of a few higher quality

roofing products that may protect against hail and wind. However, be ready to pay three

to four times the cost of comparable composition shingles, such as Impact Resistant or

Lifetime rated shingles.

3. Installing, repairing or reconditioning metal roofs requires a degree of expertise not

easily found. In comparison, asphalt or composition roofing materials are pliable, easy

to install, repair and low cost.

4. Getting a reasonable estimate or learning to install your own metal roof is usually not

an option.

Affordable metal roofing is often defined as sub-standard, commercial looking or stark.

Most importantly, unless you purchase from a high-end residential roofing contractor, a

metal roof may negatively effect your property value at resale.

5. The best metal or steel residential roofing materials will still sound “tinny” when

pounded with rain and hail. Unless your roofing investment includes an underlayment

of expensive top of the line insulating materials, a metal roof will send reverberations of

regret through your home in foul weather.

There are many appropriate applications for metal roofing systems. Just be aware

that they are typically geared for upscale housing or commercial buildings. When

considering metal vs. shingle for your home, remember that new technology offers

choices in composition roofing that includes 30, 40, 50 year, even lifetime architectural

and designer shingles in an endless array of colors, shapes, sizes and affordable


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