Discover the simplicity and light weight design of metal roof shingles. Although

they come in many shapes, sizes and colors, this basic design, is relatively inexpensive

(compared to steel panels), very versatile and can even be installed over existing

shingles to eliminate the need for tear-off.

Facts and Myths about Metal Roofing by Indianapolis, Tulsa and Oklahoma City Co. Sundance

Roofing and Exteriors, LLC

Covering your home or commercial property with a metal roof will hide its blemishes and make

it impervious to bad weather, right? Before you do, know the facts. Regardless of whether your

existing roof covering is tile, metal, shingle, wood shake, flat, rolled roofing or whatever, here

are a few facts and myths about metal roofs:

1. MYTH: Standing Seam and AG metal metal roofs are equal in quality when of the same

gauge or thickness. Not so. Ask a qualified roofing company to demonstrate the difference.

FACT: All metal roofing is NOT created equal. Although a thicker gauge of roof metal is a great

start, inferior panel types with a thick gauge will still offer an inferior performance.

Metal “AG” panels are fastened to each other by screws while “Standing Seam” metal panels

lock in overlapping seams, which is the chief reason that Standing Seams create superior metal

roofs that are water proof for a lifetime.

2. MYTH: Higher gauge numbers of metal roofing are thicker and of superior quality.

FACT: Smaller gauge numbers equal thicker, better quality metal. 22g is thicker than 24g; 24g

is thicker than 26g and 26g is thicker than 29g.

3. MYTH: Whether the metal roof is thick or thin gauge, applying top quality paint will keep

metal roofpanels shining for longer.

FACT: The best quality paint available for metal roof panels, such as Kynar and Hylar are only

available on better or thicker metal panels, such as 24g and better.

4. MYTH: Better quality, thicker metal panels hide all roof imperfections, like bowed or warped

rafters, wood decking or rotten wood. Ask a qualified roofing contractor to explain how to

maximize your aesthetics.

FACT: Even the best metal roofing products and installation methods cannot change the pitch,

warps or structural blemishes of a roof. While quality metal panels will definitely look great, they

can also accent structural, crooked lines.

5. MYTH: Top quality metal roofing is superior and more impact resistant than other roofing

material, like tile, shingle, or flat roof membranes. Thus, insurance companies only discount

rates for metal.

FACT: Most insurance carriers won’t offer discounted rates unless the metal panels

are 26g or thicker. Therefore, the best roofing companies will insist on 24g or thicker to

ensure impact resistance superior to composition shingles and other roofing products.

Get a qualityIndianapolis, Tulsa or OKC roofing company to inspect your roof and make

recommendations commensurate with your building, home, budget and insurance


Refer to these myths and facts to make your metal roofing purchase a pleasant one. More

importantly, choose your roofing company carefully. A top rated Indianapolis, Tulsa and

Oklahoma City roofing company will be recognized as an expert in metal. Ask for references

and even Google “[your city] roofing experts.” Insist on a roofing company with a minimum 5-

year workmanship wty. and upgrade 10-years to a lifetime.

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