David Vaughan, owner of Vaughan Insurance Group, said: “Oftentimes consumers think of insurance

policies as maintenance plans … this can lead to future non-renewal of their policies, and the small claims

that were paid in the past can lead to higher premiums in the future.”

He explained: “Insurance policies are written to protect homeowners from ‘catastrophic loss’ – the total

destruction of a devastating home fire, storm damage such as significant tornado damage or total loss of

roof through hail damage. They are not written to cover every little problem that emerges, such as single

window breakage or replacement of older roofs due to hail damage.”

One big problem Oklahoma homeowners face is the fact they live in “tornado alley,” and that springtime

brings the risk of hailstorms.

Every spring following thunderstorms, an army of “storm troopers” out of Texas and the Southwest also

appears – usually the “two guys with truck” variety. They drive down Tulsa streets, stopping to knock on

doors and alarm homeowners by saying: “We could tell clear from the street that you have hail damage.

We guarantee we can get you a new roof for FREE” (out of your insurance company).

Craig Cox, owner of Perfection Roofing, calls these guys “gold-lipped, door-knockin’ storm troopers” as

they troop into town following news reports of hail damage and talk the gold out of leak-fearing residents.

They go door-to-door rather than relying on customer calls, as they have no local shops, and often split

town with the deposit money without ever lifting a shingle.

The only problem with their promise of getting homeowners free roofs from their insurance companies

via a roof repair insurance claim is there are two flavors of home insurance: “actual cash value” and “total

replacement cost.”

Older homes with older roofs generally qualify only for “cash value” policies (they pay only a prorated

value on the old roof). Roofers who say they can get a free, total replacement are playing fast and loose

with the truth. They can’t.

Actual cash value policies pay only a small portion of the total cost of roof replacement, leaving them

holding the bag for thousands of dollars. Homeowners with “total replacement cost” policies usually get

their roofs replaced without additional cost, Vaughan said.

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