Slate Roofs…Why They’re the Best and Last Roof You’ll Ever Buy

By Expert Marcus Pfenninger

Your local Archeologist will assure you, slate roofing is the most resilient roofing material ever

invented by man! While a slate roof can come in countless shapes, sizes & colors, they are the most

stable, weather tight, fire proof, clean and ultimately, economical roofing product on the planet. Slate

roofing may also be the most beautiful looking structure as well.

Money spent for a slate roof is for a lifetime, just like the product. While large, it is worthy of your

attention and purchase if you want the finest. Since your slate roof is made to last a lifetime, that is

the very reason it is ultimately the more economical choice. Since there is little or no maintenance

necessary, your slate roof can be a smart choice that lasts forever.

Here are a few maintenance tips and to do lists to consider when owning a

slate roof:

We recommend inspecting your slate roof for damage. Check for loose shingles, hip, ridge,

fasteners and perforations, like plumbing jacks, chimney flashing, etc.

Typically, you’ll see damage to peripheral materials long before discovering a leak in the slate. Be

sure to repair them with materials and adhesives approved and specifically made for use with slate.

Don’t worry about small chips or flaking as these are normal aging signs in slate and will not affect

its ability to shed water, snow and ice. Complete breakage can occur on rare occasion as a result of

falling tree limbs, large hail or other acts of God. Before replacing slate tiles, locate a roofing expert in

your area with knowledge and a specialty in slate roofing products.

Due to its incredibly long life, a more likely place to find damage on a slate roof would be underneath,

in its structure such as organic felt, wood sheathing or even rafters. If so, consult an expert in slate

roofs as they are a specialty roofing material that requires very special handling and knowledge. Less

skilled maintenance should include occasional cleaning of debris, plant build up, pests, nests and

peripheral caulking.

Keep your extra slate tiles or shingles in a safe place for color and style matching when the need

arises. It is recommended to keep a minimum supply surplus of 1 square of product for every 40

squares of roof. Also, include in your surplus reasonable sampling of specialty tiles, such as ridge, hip

and crowns where applicable. While these surplus items can be cumbersome at times to store over a

long period, they may save thousands – even tens of thousands of dollars when needed and perhaps

even spare you the need to replace an entire roof because it can’t be matched with current available


Maintain paperwork depicting your purchase price, line item detail and other pertinent facts related to

your slate roof.

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