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Eric Stromer shows us a quick and easy process to replace a tile. Thanks, Eric:

4 Tile Roofing Choices for Indianapolis,

Tulsa and Oklahoma City Residents;

Repair, Restore, Replace Or Reset

Tile roofing repair is not an easy DIY task. Supply, knowledge, safety and cost are a few

of the hurdles. If you’re going to attempt to repair tile roofing in Indianapolis, OKC or Tulsa,

have a good plan before you begin. The time and dollars saved can be significant.

First, inspect your tile roofing material and roof structure. A thorough inspection saves

time, money and ensures you’ll have the right expertise and materials. Make notes regarding

the condition and measurements of tile, wood decking, rafters, furring strips, flashing,

underlayments, pitch and any other roofing products or perforations to the roof and tile


For those without the experience or means to perform these tasks, contact a professional

Indianapolis, OKC or Tulsa tile roofing repair company with expertise in the inspection

process. The best of them will offer these services at no charge. Request this service when

scheduling an appointment with the tile roofing contractor.

This checklist can assist you in deciding the type of repair or replacement your tile roof

requires and most economical choices for achieving them:

1. Proceed with caution. Walking on a tile roof could be costly. Roofing companies that

specialize in tile may wear special gear to walk on or inspect tile and/or steep roofs.

New roof tiles can usually be repaired with specialized tools. Spare tile, instant mortar, color

mix for matching and mending broken tile, and high-quality sealer are a few critical tools.

Although the time needed for repair may be short, the professional know how and availability

of tiles to match may be your primary challenge. Consult with a professional before starting.

2. Restore and Reseal. Save your good tile. Regardless of whether your tile roof material

is made of concrete or clay, barrel or flat tile, quality tile lasts 50 yrs. and more! Unless hit

by very large hail or gale force winds, the majority of tile roofs may be cleaned, mended,

restored and repaired.

Even after a couple of decades, most tile will have just a few chips and cracks. However, it

is very likely to appear stained, dirty and worn. Try pressure cleaning and resealing it by a

professional tile roofing repair company. Tile roofing company specialists from Indianapolis,

Tulsa or Oklahoma City will have experience with matching local brands of tile and their

unique cleaning needs.

However, don’t expect pressure cleaning to completely restore any tile. Most tile materials

are porous and require maintenance to resist stains. Still, the right cleaning products

and chemicals can stop leaks and help restore tiles to look great at any age. Best of all,

restoration can be done at a fraction of replacement cost.

3. Detach and Reset. From a budget perspective, a complete tile replacement becomes

necessary when 20% or more of tiles are cracked, chipped or missing. While detach and

reset can be expensive, it can save thousands of dollars when compared to a total re-roof.

If this option makes sense for you, match your tile color, type and brand with the help of

a local tile roofing company. Carefully remove tiles, replace rotted wood trim and decking

before adding a layer of ice and water shield over the entire roof. Re-flash with lead sheets

and add mortar to ridge, chimney and other appropriate perforations. New tiles usually

represent about 20% of the field and should be blended evenly to mask color differences.

4. New tile may be necessary. If your roof has too much breakage or too many leaks

to consider repair or restoration, find a top quality roofing company in your local area with

references and knowledge.

Hire a qualified Indianapolis, Tulsa or Oklahoma City roofing company to manage this project

for you. Do your homework and don’t forget to check their Better Business Bureau score.

Qualified, licensed tile roofing companies in Indianapolis, Tulsa and Oklahoma City may

have an A+ score at the BBB.

Check references. Better tile roofing repair companies from Indianapolis, Tulsa and

Oklahoma City offer references included in their literature. Look for customer references,

with name, phone and address.

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