Wood Shake Roofing Repair in Indianapolis, Tulsa or Oklahoma City with Sundance Roofing

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5 Easy Tips to Wood Shake Roofing Repair in Indianapolis, Tulsa or OKC

By Roof Experts Sundance Roofing and Exteriors,

Has everyone on your street, except you, replaced their roof? So why haven’t you replaced

your wood shake roof yet?

We know why not. Because even though wood shake roofing wears faster, looks worse and

costs more to own, they are much harder to fix, near impossible to make weather tight and

almost never get totaled by insurance companies after a big hail storm! Hence, they are

usually the last roofs in the neighborhood to get replaced – regardless of how bad they need

Here are 5 tips for repairing or hiring repairs for a wood shake roof that should offer you

more value for your investment:

1. Get a comprehensive professional inspection. A complete inspection of the existing

roof materials, wood decking, framing, flashing and other peripherals should be your first


If you don’ have the expertise to inspect your own roof, don’t worry. All the best wood shake

roofing or repair companies from Indianapolis, Tulsa or OKC will do this for you for free.

Start with a Google search of Indianapolis, Tulsa or Oklahoma City “roof expert.” For best

results, pass over the advertisements and click on educational articles or websites.

2. Install a composition or shingle roof. Regrettably, you’ve already learned wood shake

roofs are more costly to repair, replace and insure.

Today’s advanced shingle roofs can be much more robust. For less money than a wood

shake roof, composition roofs may be rated for up to a lifetime and easier to install, less

expensive, require less expertise and protect against wind and hail storms better.

3. Install quality wood decking. Changing to a composition roof requires adding all

new wood decking. Your roof style, pitch, distance between rafters and shingle weight will

determine the type of wood decking necessary for your roof.

While most applications will require 7/16″ CDX or OSB wood, your wood shake roofing

expert may determine a need for 5/8″ or even thicker. Regardless, consider carefully as your

wood decking will lay the base for your roofing materials.

4. Choose a top quality roofing expert. Only the better roofing companies in Indianapolis,

Tulsa or OKC get an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Check the BBB website in

your area.

5. Ask for several references. Top quality Indianapolis, Oklahoma City or Tulsa roofing

companies have excellent references. Be sure to ask for them early on in the process.

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