Why millionaire property owners bank on Sundance Roofing and Exteriors, LLC:


SRE’s consulting services are for all types of commercial and specialty roofing evaluation, restoration and project management. SRE serves its customers as a roofing contractor or consultant so we deliver an objective third-party evaluation for any of your roofing needs.

SRE management has evaluated 10’s of thousands of roofing projects and consulted and contracted roof replacements in 36 states. Over 30 years of combined experience gives us both a track record and knowledge of what systems and materials will work best for your roof.

SRE consulting services are built with the same simple rules as its contracting; honesty, integrity and a commitment to quality. We work for you and you make the decisions.
Starting out as a small LLC in South Florida where the roofing codes are the toughest, today SRE has restored roofs all over the USA, including NC, TX, OK, IN, MO, OH, IL, and TN.

SRE is a roofing company first, member of roofing networks, roof estimators, Pubic Adjusters and construction management. Our resources and wholesale buying power is your victory! These extensive contacts and purchasing power gives you a decided advantage. Massive savings, accurate evaluations and recommendations needed to get top quality commercial roofing are yours, while coming in under budget, guaranteed! You make the decisions. You control the budget. The outcome is pre-determined by you.

SRE’s primary services include project funding, insurance reports, site evaluations, material and labor reports, immediate estimates, comprehensive repairs, re-roofs and re-roof design. Via contracting or consulting services, SRE provides forensic evaluation, project management, OSHA compliance, expert legal witness and quality control.

Consulting fees are based on a percentage of the size and scope of your project. Most importantly, ALL SRE consulting fees are completely paid for and estimated through project savings as compared to a contracting experience!

P.S. Call today for a FREE evaluation and comparison to your last or next documented project. Stop paying too much for contractor services and find out how SRE gives you roofing of the Stars and millionaires and puts money in your pocket now!