5 Ways You Pocket 1000’s of dollars and Rest Easy Hiring a Roofing Consultant vs. Contractor:

If you own or manage commercial property, STOP paying 30-40% to a contractor and settling for the lowest bidder! You deserve better and here’s how you’ll get it!

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Everyone wants a great deal, right!? The way that we have learned the business of construction and restoration of roofs, is looking for the “lowest bid” –which can lead to countless hours of time and research. So why not find the lowest bidder first when you have a large roofing restoration project? Up until now, you didn’t have a choice.

Whether your commercial roofing budget is from an insurance claim or out of pocket, YOUR money only goes so far. So, let’s talk about how to get top quality commercial roofing repairs for LESS THAN the lowest bidding contractor, EVERY TIME!

When you hire a contractor, your investment includes 1000’s if not 10’s or 100’s of 1000’s of dollars for your contractor. Regardless of how low or “reasonable” your contractor’s bid is, they run a business. Likewise, your bill includes overhead like proper licensing, insurance, employee payrolls and a reasonable profit for your contractor to stay in business…

…They make their deserved profit by marking up all of their services, including materials, labor, equipment and administrative time.

Here are five ways YOU save 30-40% off your roofing repair and restoration bill:

  1. Find a COMMERCIAL ROOFING CONSULTANT expert that does consulting work for a flat fee. An internet search is a great place to start. Most top quality, experienced roofing experts will be capable of offering consulting services but NOT necessarily have the business model to accommodate you. However, an experienced consultant is usually a licensed contractor and can guide you through the transition and profit of utilizing his services thus saving you, time, energy and money.
  2. Compare your actual previous projects. With your Commercial Roofing Consultant’s assistance, do the math! Place your OLD project invoices next to your projected NEW project and watch your expert consultant save you 1000’s of dollars per line item!
  3. Pay direct, wholesale pricing for material and labor. That’s right; a good consultant will have a direct wholesale purchasing relationship with the largest wholesale supply companies and labor forces in the nation! Your commercial roofing consultant will eliminate mark ups by allowing you to buy and write checks directly to the suppliers and labor force under their supervision!
  4. Have a pre-written restoration plan, complete with budget, material lists, labor estimates and blueprints. Your Commercial Roofing Consultant will arrange everything and have a comprehensive plan in place to both estimate and PROVE your savings BEFORE your first nail is driven!
  5. See Identical results for less investment. Your expert commercial roofing consultant gives you higher quality for less money out of your pocket and supervises the entire operation as any top quality commercial roofing contractor does.
  6. The only difference in your experience with using a high quality commercial roofing consultant over a contractor is that you pocket all the savings and have a direct purchasing experience for all manufacturing materials, labor and equipment. Your typical savings on industrial and commercial sized projects is estimated to be 30-40%…

    Your money saved is documented in advance and 100% within your control. After all, you write the checks. You say how much and you say when.

    Happy Hunting!

    Marcus Shawn Pfenninger, GC/Partner/Commercial Roofing Consultant

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